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Local Swap Featured In Front Page

In 2018 a small chicken chat group " Chicken Horders" consisting of 4 woman Dawn, Barb, Sonya and myself and 1 man Gary was talking about how we would like to have a swap around the southern part of michigan as we just wasnt getting what our birds were worth at the local livestock auction and all the swap that were in Michigan was a ways away, So after Gary went in to the local Tractor supply in Dundee and talk to the manager about having a swap and got the consent, Just need some one to set it up and that when I step in and set up for the following month in of June... So with some short adverting it was a big hit and brought in alot of vendors and costumers.  To the point that one of the vendors wanted to set one up in Ann Arbor Tractor Supply and Again that was another big hit. We had our last one in 2018 in October so the vendors/Farmers could get rid of anything before winter SUCCESS. 
So as 2019 Vanessa with Mother Cluckerz took over the swaps in Ann Arbor which started in April and continues into November the last Saturday of every month, I Stacy still heads the Dundee that started in May and continues into October with my co host Vanessa, since I work alot of hours for Dundee Tsc need a little help. The swaps are growing with vendors and customers as the word gets out and the news continue to spread. Our first year we did have problems with people selling sick animals and we continue to weed them out and do our rounds as we sign people in. We want the best for our swaps and dont want no one to have any bad experience when buying a animal from our swaps. I am hoping with the years to come to someday, between the swaps our little farm will be a profitable and I can just do what I have always want to do is just stay home and farm. Which when some one buys from any vendors of the swaps help a me and all the small time farms. in conclusion support that small time farm, small handmade business you never know what expense they have that you are helping and you get a great animal, family pet or a handmade gift.