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Product Review - K&H Pet Thermo-Poultry Brooder

I bought one of these this year in late spring at tractor supply on clearance for 23 and some change used it for some ducklings as all my Premier Chick Brooder Plates were being used.
I have found that I like these ones alot better as unlike the premier their is no metal showing. The heat on these is covered in a plastic so you little ducklings, chicks, goslings or what ever you need it for is not getting burnt and the plastic is so much each to clean. It fits comfortably 10 standard chicks, 15 bantams, 5 duckling, 3 goslings and about 20 quail under it.
Unlike the heat lamp this also saves you money because it dont use up electricity like the lamps do, the only down fall is it has to be use in a room that 50 degrees or hotter.
But I highly recommend it for the price of most retails $49.99 or might find it on ebay cheaper.