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Crochet Top Orange Mendelian  Dish Towel Set

Crochet Top Orange Mendelian Dish Towel Set

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DESCRIPTION: Here are some great hanging dish towels with orange mendelian type ; They are made with 100% medium weight cotton towel cut in half, pumpkin color yarn crochet top and a matching button.
CARE: This towel may be machine washed in cold or warm water with a mild detergent on the normal cycle and may also be machine dried on the normal setting. No bleach should used when washing these towels except for non-chlorine bleach.
PRACTICAL: Use in the kitchen, cabin, cottage, or even your R.V. when you need to wipe your hands in a flash.

GIFT WORTHY: Give to...a new home owner...cook...teacher...nurse...graduate...friend...YOU! Also great for...bridal showers...birthdays...thank you gifts...holidays...just because!